Friday, 17 August 2007

Let Them Live Green!

Al Gore's startling film "An Inconvenient Truth", Leonardo DiCaprio's upcoming documentary "The 11th Hour," and millions of activists have all helped push Environmentalism and Global Warming to the forefront of our public discourse. "We Can Live Green" (WCLE) is an Earth-loving website that lives up to its name by acting as an online resource to help people who want to "go green".

"Creating a Healthy Planet…One Person at a Time" is the ambitious motto of the WCLE website, which makes it easy for pro-active people to become responsible consumers. Visitors will find a wealth of information about green living, including a Green Directory with categories on "Apparel", "Construction", "Dry Cleaning", "Office", "Pest-Control", "Restaurants" and other eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products and services

Visit the website here

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