Wednesday, 14 October 2009

How Google really does it

A huge appetite for takeovers is the main driver of tech's 'great innovator'

TORONTO, Oct. 13 /Canada NewsWire/ - Google: It allows us to cruise the streets of New York and Rome, scour the surfaces of the moon and email and phone our friends. We can track global flu trends, monitor our household energy usage or edit photos. Soon, we'll be able to do even more.

But while Google enjoys an almost unmatched reputation for innovation, many of the services that have generated the biggest buzz and made stock market values soar didn't originate from its engineers' brains. Rather, they came from Google's appetite for takeovers - and its gigantic bank account.

With Google set to embark on another round of acquisitions, there's no telling into which new directions it will expand. Canadian Business goes behind the hype and examines the strategies behind one of the most influential corporations on earth.

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