Wednesday, 8 September 2010

7 Fruit Cocktails (Potentially) Good For Your Health

by Sara Novak, Columbia, SC

Can a cocktail be good for you? In moderation, we'd like to think so. The seven drinks here are packed with vitamin-rich fruit. Plus, the easy recipes are proof you don't have to pay top dollar for great cocktails -- you can make them at home.

The key to tasty and potentially healthy cocktails is avoiding processed, sugar-packed store-bought mixes. And just like cooking farm to fork, mixing farm to fork means letting the ingredients shine. In a word, simplicity is key.

To trim down the carbon footprint, use a farmers' market as your guide to what's local, using the same flexibility as you would in your normal seasonal cooking to adjust recipes as needed to what's growing at home. While South Carolina watermelons, cucumbers, pears, and peaches are often available locally into the late summer or fall, they may not be on shelves in your neck of the woods.

Here are the 7 recipes

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