Monday, 28 April 2008

Right to Dry for Apartment Dwellers

Are you living in an apartment, dorm, anyplace without the space to hang a clothesline? After all, what can you do? You don't own a backyard!

But wait! There is a better way! The drying rack, a device which folds compactly out of the way when not in use, allows anyone to dry their clothing naturally. The modern drying racks add a design element to your green living, a big improvement over the unstable, old accordion-racks.

Natural drying will save energy and money. Not only on your gas/electric bill, but also on the wear and tear your clothing avoid. Your favorite tight jeans come off the rack fitting just right. And you can wear that perfect shirt you found months longer without the heat-and-tumble drying process. No more lost buttons or snags.

Modern washing machines have faster spin cycles, leaving clothing already dry enough that they will not drip when hung out, so there are no worries about water damage. Set out in a well-ventilated room, clothing will be dry by the next day, smelling fresh and fine. The clothing comes off the rack already sorted and half-way folded: so the labor quotient is not significantly different than machine drying. Also, you can wear most clothes without ironing.

So trust me and try it: you won't miss your dryer a bit.

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