Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Quiz: How Green Are You?

Are you an Eco-Hero, a Tree-Hugger-Hater or a Green-in-Between? Take the quiz to find out.

Q1. Which of these vacations are you most likely to take?
1. A visit to an exclusive golf resort in a far-away desert area
2. A volunteer trip to help clean up your own town or city
3. A trip to Disneyland
4. A jaunt to a tropical, eco-friendly hotel

Q2. Which of these best describes the contents of your closet?
1. Clothes from mainstream stores, but I try to buy from local producers when I can
2. Clothes made from a variety of fabrics, but they're mostly secondhand or something I made myself
3. Clothes made from organic, unbleached cotton, hemp, and other natural fabrics
4. Leather, fur, silk, wool... I like everything!

Q3. Are you ecologically mindful about your food choices?
1. No. I eat what appeals to me.
2. Somewhat. I buy organics whenever possible and try to eat locally.
3. Yes. I grow my own food and refuse to go to any restaurant that doesn’t meet my ethical food standards.
4. Not really. I just try and eat as healthily as time allows

Q4. On a scale of one (not very) to ten (extremely), how green is your home?
1. One. I can't be bothered to recycle or anything.
2. Four. I recycle.
3. Seven. I only use green cleaning products and have energy-saving light bulbs. That said, I could always be better.
4. Ten. I rely on solar or wind energy, own only eco-furniture, compost, and own a hybrid car.

Q5. Do you encourage your friends and family to become more eco-savvy?
1. No. I have more important things to worry about.
2. Absolutely, all the time. Protecting the environment is the most important thing that we can do.
3. Actually, they're the ones encouraging me
4. Somewhat. I have done things like show people how my eco light bulbs save money on the electric bill.

Q6. How would you describe your spiritual connection to the earth?
1. I feel inspired and awed by the amazing planet.
2. I like looking at beautiful parts of nature.
3. I can't say that I have one.
4. I realize that what we and the earth are one.

Q7. Do you have a garden?
1. Sort of, some greenery for aesthetic purposes.
2. Yes, I grow some of my own food and use organic compost to nurture it.
3. No, plants and dirt bother me.
4. Yes, I grow my favorite flowers as well as some herbs and spices I can use for cooking.

Q8. Do you decide whether to patronize businesses based on their environmental policies?
1. Yes. I will boycott any company that doesn’t meet high standards for its eco practices.
2. Rarely or never, I don't really think about it much.
3. No. The bottom line is who can get me the product the cheapest.
4. Yes. If I have the choice between two stores, I make a point to choose the one that is locally owned or uses organic products.

Q9. When you need apples, you:
1. Collect the fallen fruit from your sustainable orchard.
2. Go to Costco and buy in bulk.
3. Go to the farmer's market to buy local and organic.
4. Go to whatever store is closest, could be Whole Foods.

Q10. When you vote, how important is the candidate's stance the environment?
1. I want him or her to value jobs more than trees.
2. It’s the number-one factor in deciding whom I vote for.
3. Very important, since the decisions we make about the environment now will affect our children.
4. Somewhat important, but I look for the candidate with the best overall platform.

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