Friday, 26 February 2010

The Feeling of Fishing


People go fishing for the many reasons, for one they like the sport of it, reeling in the big catch after they have been trying to find it all morning. Trying to catch a good bass or catfish to fry up after a long day of work. Just going out and having a few drinks on the water with some friends and letting all the stress just seep out of you. No matter the reasons people go, it is defiantly therapeutic.

People in the deep south sometimes do a strange type of fishing where they shove their arm inside a whole in the bank and pull out catfish the size of a boat. There is one form called jug fishing where you get a milk jug or water jug and tie a heavy fishing line on it with a big hook, put on a small brim or crappie and throw it out in the water. The next morning you get up and see whats on the other end of the line. There is fly fishing which is with a lighter string and top water jigs such as bugs and feathery bait that lays on to of the water until the trout comes and takes it. It usually takes longer to reel them in because the line is so light and the fish are heavy, you can't let the tension get to tight or the line will snap.

Ice fishing is a dangerous and different kind of fishing, obviously in the north. You cut a whole in the ice on-top of the lake, drop in your bait and wait for a fish to bite. You have to be careful that the fish doesn't pull your line into the side of the ice and snap it. That is one problem with ice fishing but the fish are usually bigger and worth the cold and trouble.

Going out on the lake with a couple of friends or alone with a couple of drinks and a fishing pole can be the most stress releasing thing you can do sometimes. Just to feel the waves rocking the boat, the sun on your shoulders, and a good conversation is all the therapy you will need sometimes. Catching a fish is always a great bonus.

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