Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Who Got It Right With Olympic Architecture, Beijing or Vancouver?

from TreeHugger.com
by Lloyd Alter, Toronto

The New York Times describes how the glorious stadia and facilities built for the 2008 Olympics are virtually empty, sort of a Field of Dreams where they built it, but nobody is coming.
Alas, after the 2008 Olympics, the ticket buyers haven't come. Right now, the Bird's Nest serves as a winter amusement park known as the Happy Ice and Snow Season. In April, a promoter may stage a celebrity rock concert to "establish China as a world leader for global peace and a healthier planet." Or not. After that, the government says it may build a shopping center there.

Meanwhile in Vancouver, everyone is complaining about the banality and cheapness of the Olympic facilities. Who got it right?... more story at TreeHugger.com

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