Wednesday, 26 November 2008

"For the Curious"

Bata Shoe Museum

The tagline for the Bata Shoe Museum is "For the Curious". It's an
appropriate motto, as this provocative museum in Toronto contains over
10,000 shoes within its prodigious holdings. The museum opened in 1995, and
visitors to this site can traipse through sections such as "Exhibitions" and
"Collections" to learn more about their interpretive mission and their
thematic areas. Most visitors will want to start by looking at the online
exhibit "All About Shoes". Developed in cooperation with the Department of
Canadian Heritage, the collection allows visitors to view over 500 shoe
images, 200 of which are in 3D. Short of actually picking up the actual
shoes themselves, this is a very effective and immersive way to examining
the intricate patterns and designs on each item of footwear. Moving on,
visitors can also check out the podcasts by assistant curator Sarah Beam-
Borg. In recent months, Borg has offered up talks and commentary on "Dancing
through the Halls of History" and "The Fate of Fashion". Finally, interested
parties may also wish to check out the "Visiting" area to learn about the
museum's hours of operation, special events, and so on.

Visit the site here

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