Monday, 26 January 2009

5 Green Habits That Matter More Than Recycling

You're a faithful recycler, now do even more with these tips.

So, like every person trying to do their part to reduce their personal carbon emissions and make the most of the natural resources we all consume you recycle right? If you're an average Planet Green reader you probably do a bit more than the average US citizen who recycles about one third of the waste they produce, preventing about 1600 pounds of carbon being released into the atmosphere. That's a good thing, but do you want to do even more? Here are five things you can do which reduce your emissions as much or more than recycling:

1... Drink Less Bottled Water = 2.6 Tons CO2
2... Skip One Mid-Range Flight = 1 Ton CO2
3... Go Vegetarian (or Vegan) = 1 to 2 Tons CO2
4... Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water & Air Dry Them = 1 Ton CO2
5... Sign Up For Green Power = 7 Tons CO2

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